A dental extraction is performed when a tooth needs to be removed. This is done usually when a disease is present or an impact has damage the area.

Our dentist will first observe the area to detect if there is a real problem that will require the extraction.

Some of the reasons for an extraction are:

Align teeth: In some case tooth extraction is needed before an Orthodontic treatment can be followed. Sometimes your teeth can be bigger in proportion to your mouth and this procedure will allow for a better alignment process.

Infection or risk of infection: If an infection is present or there is a risk that it will occur, then an extraction may be needed. In some cases after bacteria penetrates the center of the tooth, an infection will be developed in the area. The extraction will prevent the spread of the infection to other areas.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease: In cases where the patient has periodontal disease, an extraction may be required as part of the treatment.

If you are a patient that needs an extraction the dentist will explain all the process and what to expect after it has been completed. In those cases, also the proper care will be needed in order to recover promptly.

  • Stay away from anything that can interrupt a regular healing process.
  • If you rinse you mouth try to make it slowly and don’t use to much force
  • Do no use a straw for 48 hours after the procedure has been performed
  • Eat only soft foods like yogurt, applesauce, soups and others
  • Follow all the instructions from the dentist

In case you see a sign of a possible complication please contact us.