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Dr Vanessa Arzola, who had aspirations of becoming a dentist since she was just a young girl, is a graduate of the prestigious University of Puerto Rico School of Dentistry in her home country. With a bachelor degree in Biology and Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry, she further aspired to find more ways to help her patients who had problems with their teeth and gums. Thus, she enrolled and graduated from a program of Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

With her clearly advanced qualifications, Vanessa Arzola D.M.D is a perfect candidate to perform many complicated procedures to help improve the health and appearance of your teeth. Her experience in dentistry -which has spanned for over a decade- has provided her with the expertise in many fields, including cosmetic and restorative dental surgery, root canal treatment, periodontal and dental implants. As a member of more than a few prestigious dental bodies like the American Dental Association, you can be assured that Dr. Arzola is more than capable of providing you with the best treatment that you will ever need for your teeth.

She is also a housewife and a mother of two beautiful childrens. In her time off she enjoys cooking, execisingand going to the beach. As a mother, she is dedicated to the education of her beautiful children and strive to have another dentist in the family.

Miller Dental Center Office Staff

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